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Capital to retrofit for EV charging is here for your apartment residents.  


With 24/7 dedicated EV charging, your residents will plug in when they return home and wake up to a fully charged EV — all without the interruptions or the bloated electricity costs caused by sharing a charger.

A different kind of EV charging experience for tenants.

retrofitting transformer to tap

Financing and delivering a dedicated, EV charging solution to multifamily properties 


EV Retrofitting With the Right Infrastructure Finance Partner

Under a lease agreement, we pay for 100% of the cost for at-scale installation of dedicated EV charging spaces.

Dedicated EV Customer Charging and Revenue Optimization

Tenants pay a small monthly fee that covers the use of their Level 2 charger in their reserved parking space.

EV Infrastructure With Lifecycle Contract Management

We own the installation & maintenance of the dedicated charging solution while you collect your share of revenue.


$515 Billion invested in EV by car companies 

Ford will reach 2mil EVs produced annually by 2026

GM to produce 1m EVs capacity by 2025

Voltswagen Group expects 50% of sales to be EV by 2030

$34 Billion collectively invested in Battery Manufacturing by GM, Hyundia, Honda, Toyota, and Ford 

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